A final word…

The time has come to give Bones for War a rest, for the time being at least.

In some ways it is mere coincidence that I am putting this blog on ice just as politics in this country have changed: I was already turning to the blog less often while the Conservatives were still in power. This outlet has served me well, but currently my attentions are elsewhere. And some of this, I admit, is a result of a changing political landscape.

Life under Harper had become exhausting: wondering every day what he would attack next, being afraid to listen to the news. He was holding a dagger over our country. Looking back, I see now just how much my political life had become defined by an intense antagonism toward one particular party and one particular man. Now that he is gone, it’s been absolutely wonderful—downright revitalizing—to rediscover that being political does not necessarily mean having to feel like you’re living in a state of war—that there is room for optimism, and nuance, and vision. That there is room for conversation. It’s bewildering, actually, and I feel like I’m still finding my feet.

And yet, the luxury of being able to breath a sigh of relief is not an excuse to let our guard down. In many ways, politics in this country have changed very little with the return of the Liberals. Despite the charming man currently at the helm, this is the same old centrist party that has ruled Canada off and on since confederation. Given the Liberal Party’s history (at least in my lifetime) of dragging its feet on truly progressive policies, cozying up to mega-corporations, and advocating austerity and neoliberal economics, it is just as imperative now as during the previous decade that we continue to hold governments (and media) to account.

The danger now lies in being lulled by the relatively positive policies of the current ruling party. It seems increasingly unlikely that Canada will ever elect a progressive federal government, but that doesn’t mean we should settle for anything less. And so the political life continues—whether expressed at least in part through political blogging or, in this case, not.


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