Most real, progressive change begins at the ground level, with the work of community organizations and action groups. And yet we are all constantly at the whim of government policy, drafted in parliamentary offices that are increasingly out of reach and out of touch. I feel a certain journalistic responsibility to keep a record of this problematic process. Bones for War is a space for this record keeping.

I am interested in policy changes and political rhetoric—things that fundamentally shape (and reshape) how this nation functions and what it believes in. Topics tend to fall under the broad concepts of social justice and environmental stewardship. I am particularly interested in Indigenous and First Nations issues, refugee policy, and environmental policy at the federal level, as well as matters of democratic accountability.

Although there is one obvious target of my criticism, I prefer that my writing be non-partisan in whom it supports. It applauds honest and intelligent governance, not party membership. It is, however, authored out of a support for social democracy, as well as a concern about misrepresentation and under-representation in the mainstream and corporate news media.

Who am I?

I am a freelance writer and editor, based in Montreal. A selection of my professional work can be found here.

Why “Bones for War”?

During World War II, the war effort included collecting and purchasing bones from the home front in order to manufacture explosives. I first read about this in the opening pages of Robert Kroetsch’s fantastic novel The Studhorse Man, winner of the 1969 Governor General’s Award:

Fortunately, the war was in progress; the government was scouring Alberta for bones.
BONES FOR WAR, the ads and posters read:


In naming my blog, the image of a commercial enterprise based on the buying of bones to create more bones, death for more death, seemed apt.


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